Respect in Sport - Activity Leader

Updated Wednesday July 19, 2017 by Oshawa Turul Soccer Club.

The Respect in Sport- Activity Leader Program is a mandatory Team Official screening component within the Ontario Soccer Association & The Oshawa Turul S.C.

Respect in Soccer was established for all Ontario Development/Competitive Soccer Coaches in 2011.  The program has expanded for 2017, become an Activity Leader Program and now includes all Team Officials participating with Development/Competitive Teams.

Cost for this Course is approximately $35; certification is valid for 5 years.

You may take the Respect in Sport - Activity Leader Certification at the link provided below:

CRC - Summary of Response to Abuse, Bullying and Harassment,Disclosures.pdf
CRC -Beyond the Hurt.pdf
CRC-Differences between Abuse, Bullying and Harassment.pdf
CRC-Empower Youth to_Deal with Bullying.pdf
Respect in Soccer Incident Report_Form.pdf
RI Soccer - Guidelines for Emotional Displays.pdf
RI Soccer -Responding to Bullying and Harassment Compliants.pdf
RI Soccer HEARD and DARE Models of Action for Disclosure.pdf
RI Soccer Positive Leadership Checklist.pdf